Hello and welcome to Home Grown Way

Ever since I was young, I have been interested in gardening and home grown food, but it has only been over the last 6 years that I have developed a real passion for growing and eating home grown fruit and vegetables.  It started out with a few tomato plants in pots in the back yard of our rented place, grown from heritage seeds donated from my Italian neighbour.  Fast forward 6 years and our family of 5 is now growing an abundance of berries, fruit, herbs, flowers and vegetables all on a 730m² patch of ground that we call home.

The aim of this space is to inspire, encourage and equip others to develop their own unique way of creating a more balanced, sustainable and healthy life by growing, preparing and eating their own food from the place they call home.

Why the home grown way?

Environment and Health

Our world is changing from primarily rural to urban and more of us are relying on someone else to provide the food we eat with up to half of our eco-footprint now made up of the food that we buy.  One of the main advantages of embarking in a home grown lifestyle is that you are able to reduce your reliance on buying food and as a result help to contribute to a more sustainable life for all.   

I have become increasingly aware through research and experience that the food that we buy is far from the best way to eat for the best flavor and nutrition for our bodies.  This is mostly due to the way food is now grown to maximise production to the detriment of plant and soil quality.  It just makes sense to me that the less processed food, residual pesticides and genetically modified food we eat, the healthier we will be as a result. 

For our children

As my children grow, my desire to provide and nourish them with good wholesome home grown fruit and vegetables is always in the front of my mind.  It gives me great joy to watch them picking food straight from the plants knowing that they are connecting in with nature and learning about where their food comes from.  It gives me great comfort to know that the food they are eating is so good for their growth and development.   


The garden is a place for me to relax, reflect on life and connect in with my Creator.  It is an opportunity for me to slow down, gain perspective and appreciate the simpler things in life.  I am always amazed at how a little tomato seed can produce such a beautiful plant and abundance of fruit by simply providing the right environment and nurturing and watching God do the rest. 

I have a strong belief that what we do in this life matters and this means looking after what has been given to us and working with our Creator to restore what was intended from the beginning.  My faith really encompasses all of the above reasons why the home grown way is important for me.

So enjoy this space and I encourage you to join with me in contributing to create a more sustainable, simple and healthy life for yourselves and others.

Ben Walhout