The year of the Apple and harvest update

Every year, there seems to one variety of fruit / vegetable that seems to stand out above the rest.  This year it was the Apples.

My experiment this year was to not touch the trees and thin out the fruit (like in previous years) to see whether the fruit size and quality would suffer.  The other reason was to see how a heavy crop one year impacted the crop the next year.  That’s part of what I love about gardening, experimenting and testing the various theories that are out there to see if they are true and also to improve the way I grow.

So the results are in for the first part of the experiment…  Besides almost breaking a couple of branches, its fair to say that the Apple size and quality definitely did not suffer as a result of not thinning out the crop.  I will have to wait for next years crop to see if the next harvest will be impacted.

The weight of the total apple harvest this year was 139 kg’s!  I am happy with that effort out of only 3 young trees.  The plan next year is to add a few more branches of some different varieties such as pink lady to extend the season out another month or two.  Its hard getting used to the idea of buying apples again after having such an abundance for the last 3 months.

So here is the total harvest numbers for the last year…  I am happy to announce that I have well and truly exceeded the target of 200kg thanks to the year of the apple.

Harvest Tally for 2014-2015

Now the challenge will be to top the new target next year – 275kgs!