Home grown nectarines

Despite the many challenges of growing any type of stone fruit in our climate, there is nothing quite like biting into tree ripened, home grown nectarines.  The biggest issue with the nectarine trees has been the curly leaf.  Every year both of the nectarines have had this issue despite my attempts to spray with copper just prior to the buds opening up.  This year was a little less severe than previous years, so my hope is that if I keep up the spray, eventually the curly leaf will disappear.  So is it worth going through all the effort of growing nectarines?  I think my kids have answered the question…

Dessert with wild blackberries, nectarines, home made yogurt and mum’s home baked muffins with home grown young berries, topped with a drizzle of honey!

DSC_0006_2 DSC_0007_3


This year, the golden nectarines have done much better than the white flesh variety.  Most of this is due to the fact that the white nectarine tree is very close to our large gum tree, which tends to be taking all the moisture out of the ground.  Given that there has been some good rainfall in the months while the fruit was forming, the golden nectarines were are really good size and super sweet.