A different kind of christmas present

For the family Kris Kringle this year I had to buy for my wife’s sister.  Fortunately as she knew I enjoyed edible gardens (and as I am not the best at buying presents for people) she requested a herb garden for the new house she had recently moved into.  That didn’t seem too hard…

She needed something that could be mounted on the wall and couldn’t leak on to the floor.  That proved to be a little more challenging.  So it was off to the hardware store to get some ideas.  Fortunately the shops offer plenty of smart options for portable vertical gardens, so it wasn’t hard to find something that would be ideal for a small indoor herb garden.

A few day past and I figured id just buy it after Christmas and install it before we headed back home.  My mother in law and wife asked me how the gift was going on Christmas eve…  It turns out that you are suppose to give the present to the person on Christmas day, otherwise it shows you haven’t put any thought or effort into it!  I was in trouble, so my recovery was to make up a card with some pictures of a vertical garden and to promise installation in the next couple of days with a choice of a selection of herbs.  In the end the recipient of the gift was pretty chilled out by it all (as I suspected), so I was able to take my time in picking the right setup.

I eventually decided on a ready made kit that was able to hang three pots that were self watering.  These were perfect for the indoors, as you could see the water fill to the overflow point in the bottom of the pot, indicating when the pot had enough water, but not too much to spill over.

The whole process from buying the garden setup to installing took around 1 hour, and the result looked really good, especially because the house had an industrial look about it.


The vertical garden is something that can easily be made up out of old recycled materials such as shipping pallets, or old pots hung to a frame.  It has given me plenty of ideas for our own home – I just need to spend some time making up some!