Harvest time for strawberries and loquats

After returning back from holidays, the first thing my daughter wanted to do after jumping out of the car was to hunt for ripe strawberries.  After disappearing for about half an hour, she returned triumphant with almost a kilogram of ripe strawberries!  She then found the cream in the fridge and made us a nice mix of strawberries and cream as her special dessert.

The Loquat tree was also loaded with ripe fruit.  I didn’t get a chance to net the tree before we went away, but for some reason the birds had not touched any of the fruit.  The next morning, the crows had found the tree and were making quick work of the biggest and best loquats in the top branches.  I quickly found the ladder and picked as many Loquats as I could.  12kg later, about half of the tree had been picked.  Now what was I going to do with 12kg of loquats?  Jam was the logical conclusion, so I made a trial batch that turned out to be a success.  See recipe section for details of how to make the jam.

The kids also like the loquats freshly peeled.  It can become a messy/sticky business, so it is recommended to eat them outside!

Here are the kids enjoying the latest harvest.

DSC_0011 DSC_0006