Home grown strawberries are back!

With the recent warmer weather, the first of our home grown strawberries have started to ripen.  This is probably the most exciting time of the year for the kids as they come home from kinder / school / childcare and hunt around in the garden for the next ripe berry.  The novelty wears off a little once the berries are in full production, but we very rarely have any berries left over.

Here is the first of the home grown strawberries with a very excited little girl!

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Spring flowers in the garden

What a great time of year!  In the last couple of weeks all of the plants and fruit trees have been bursting to life with lots of colourful flowers and new growth.  It is amazing to see how fast this happens.  Within a few weeks the garden is transformed.

It looks like this year will be the first for some cherries – if I can keep them away from the birds and little hands.

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Homemade electrolyte drink without artificial sweeteners and additives.

Over the winter months, I spent a fair amount of time on my other interest which is cycling.  Having just completed Amy Gillett’s Gran Fondo on the 14th of September in Lorne, I thought it might be helpful for all the fitness enthusiasts to share my experience with hydration and supplements (or lack thereof) to get through an endurance event such as this as best as possible, with a focus on electrolyte energy drinks.

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