Wicking garden beds in the summer heat

The wicking garden beds have been holding up really well in the last couple of weeks of hot weather.  They have needed a few more top ups (every couple of days), but I am now convinced that they are the only way to go for plants that don’t cope too well with drying out, which is the case for most vegetable plants.

I have taken some photos of the wicking garden beds in the front garden and compared them to plants growing in the ground.  Both the plants in the ground and the wicking garden beds have been given an equal amount of water.  It is clear from the pictures that the plants in the ground are really suffering and drying out with the hot afternoon sun when compared to the wicking garden beds.  I have only noticed a difference on the hottest days where the temperature has been above 35 degrees.

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Peaches, apricots and strawberries – I love summer!

We returned from a short break away on holiday over new years to plenty of ripe fruit handing on the trees and plants.  The kids were keen to pick some breakfast, so we started in the strawberry patch with over half a kilo!

Then it was on to the apricot tree where the apricots were looking plump and juicy with an amazing deep orange colour.  Lastly it was time to pick some peaches.  I left this tree alone this year and decided not to thin the fruit out to see what would happen.  Well there is plenty of fruit on the branches, but the size is a little small and the flavour not quite as sweet as last year, but the kids still love them and we managed to pick about 1.5 kilograms.

Here are the kids looking very proud of their efforts…

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