Growing nectarines is hard work!

Despite spraying a couple of times this year for the curly leaf disease, the nectarines were still impacted this year.  So much so that the fruit actually started rotting on the tree!

Here are some pictures of the majority of fruit this year.

IMAG1576 IMAG1577

Fortunately we did manage to get a few nectarines that were not impacted by the disease and the kids make quick work of them over a couple of days.


I will continue to persist with both the nectarine trees and hopefully next year we will finally get a decent crop out of at least one tree.

Another frustration is the lack of apples this year on the trees.  I can’t figure out why all 3 trees are not consistently setting a good crop, but the Gala tree had set a decent amount of fruit, which was going to make up for the other varieties until…our 2 year old decided that they look about right to harvest 3 months early!  Unfortunately we discovered this too late and the damage had been done, with apples scattered all over the base of the tree and on the concrete path with little bite marks out of about half of them.  All up he managed to pick about 25 apples (all within his reach).

Here is his harvest..

IMAG1601 IMAG1602

The joys of gardening with kids!  We are still trying to teach him the difference between a ripe strawberry and a green apple, but I guess it all looks the same to him.




Wicking garden bed vs “modified” water wise no dig garden

Yesterday my dad and I spent the day making up a wicking garden bed out of one of two grape storage containers donated to him from a local winery.  Why only the one you ask?  Well let’s just say that dad is not convinced that the amount of effort and energy spent on making up the wicking bed will yield a better result than the much simpler method of just dumping all the soil/manure mix into the container and adding a tap at the bottom for drainage.

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