Compost – adding life back into the garden

Its now time to start preparing garden beds and planting out seeds ready for the summer fruit and vegetables.  A great way to prepare the garden beds and get them ready for planting out the seedlings is to mix in plenty of rich organic compost into the soil.  The organic mix helps to replenish the nutrients that were used up by the previous seasons crops.  One option is to buy compost and fertiliser from your nursery, but a cheaper and more sustainable way of doing this is to compost your own green and brown waste.  I talk about various methods of composting in “garden life“.  My preferred method is the hot composting combined with bokashi composting as this allows me to produce about 400kg of compost in under 3 months – even over the winter months.

The latest compost mix was used to refill the previous seasons tomato garden bed and also used around the base of the fruit trees.  This year, I planted out the garden bed with compost mix with strawberry runners, grown from the strongest strawberry plants from last year.  The purpose of the new strawberry bed location is to keep them rotating between beds each season to minimise pests and diseases. 

Here are some pics of the garden bed with 20-30cm of compost added.  As you can see, the compost basically looks liked clumped up soil.  This is a good sign that my latest hot composting has worked well. 

Here are the strawberry plants grown from runners from the previous years plants..

IMAG1418 IMAG1414

The kids are keen for plenty of strawberries this year, so I hope the compost mix does the job with the new plants.