The season for citrus

Although the produce slows down considerably as the days get cooler, one thing I like about winter is all the different colours and flavours of our citrus fruit.  We enjoy the limes simply sqeezed and mixed with water for a refreshing drink.  The oranges are so sweet when picked and eaten straight off the tree.  As you have seen recently, my son has taken a liking to the fresh mandarines and the lemons are useful for a variety of different recipes.  One new citrus addition to the garden that I am excited about this year is a blood orange tree which has fruited for the first time this year.  I have tasted plenty of drinks with blood orange flavour, so I am looking forward to using this in my drinks to see how some fresh blood orange juice tastes.

Here are some pics of the cirtus fruit on the trees this year…

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The first mandarin harvest

After about three and a half years after buying our mandarin tree, watching it flourish in the wine barrel, then watching it almost die after transplanting in the ground, we finally have our first harvest of mandarines!  Ok so its a small harvest (0.5kg) that took about 2 days to eat, but its a start.  I almost pulled this tree out last year as I watched the leaves curl up and turn yellow, but I decided to give it one more year.  It has taken plenty of patience and a lot of feeding and care to get it to this point, but I think that it is finally happy as the leaves are a healthy green colour and there is plenty of new growth.  Now its just a matter of applying the same care to my lemon trees and hopfully they will start producing in a few years…

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Growing an avocado tree – take 2

You may recall my earlier attempts at growing an avocado tree.  Applying the lessons learnt from the first time, I decided to buy a more established tree (3 years old) and plant the tree in a well sheltered position, away from other established trees.  The avocado tree will not have to compete for nutrients and water and the fence will shelter it from the afternoon sun and the winter frosts. 

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