I have conquered the codling moth!

One of my best efforts this year in the garden has been keeping the codling moth at bay.  Not one of the apples on the tress showed any signs of codling moth activity on the apples.   However, I did loose about 20% of the apple crop to the birds due to my poor netting technique.  Having draped the nets directly over the trees as tight as possible, the birds still managed to eat the apples through the net by using their weight to push the netting closer to the fruit. Next year I will build a frame over the trees to keep a good distance between the net and the fruit.

About 10% of the apples were also lost to sunburn on the hotter days.  A brown patch formed on the face of the apple exposed to the sun and after a few weeks the apples started to rot and had to be thrown in the compost.

So despit loosing 30% of the crop, at least the codling moth didn’t play a part!

Both the pixie cruch and gala apples are now ripe and ready to pick.  We have already picked about 5kg of apples from both trees so far and the taste is amazing.  I won’t be able to go back to waxed apples from the supermarket anymore…

Here are some pics of the netted trees..




And the apples….


IMAG1048 IMAG1049 IMAG1051 

Pixie Crunch…

IMAG1058 IMAG1057 IMAG1056

The 3kg of apples I picked yesterday..



If you have the space and are willing to put in some hard work, the apple tree is a great addition to your backyard and will reward you with hundreds of fresh, crisp apples year after year as long as you keep on top of the birds, codling moth and the other diseases that the apple tree is prone to.  Here are some links to my previous posts on growing apples for some tips…

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Contolling codling moth – 30/09/12, 08/10/12, 30/10/12