Seed saving, and final harvest

Broad Beans

It was time this week to take the last of the broad beans off the bush to save some seed for next years planting.  I typically leave the beans on the bush until the whole plant has died, but a few days of recent rain had made the pods damp and they had begun to darken and rot.  I used a few paper towel sheets and placed the beans inbetween them to draw out any remaining moisture whilst they dried.  I then placed them on top of the fridge out of direct sunlight so they could dry out.

My daughter helped out with the remaining pods…

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Whitefly returns

Scarlet runner beans

I was checking on the progress of the scarlet runner beans last night and noticed that a swarm of the little white flies had developed.  The whitefly is a serious pest and if left uncontrolled, it can take over the garden in no time.  Last year my Zucchini plants simply could not cope with the growing number of whiteflies despite my best efforts to spray them continuously, so I ended up giving up and pulled the plants out of the ground. Continue reading

Dealing with early summer pests and diseases

Broccoli pests

I was showing the kids the cabbage (white) moth that was landing on our broccoli plants yesterday, trying to explain that it was not a pretty butterfly that we want to see in our garden.  The moth is acutally one of the worst pests for the brassica family which includes broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage.  It is very active this time of year and has had little affect on my cauliflowers as they have almost finished up from the winter planting.  However the broccoli I planted a few weeks back has been decimated by the moths, mainly due to my neglect in spraying the plants. 

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